SEE: High School Kids Turn Old Office Furniture Into Beautiful Art

May 2, 2016  |  By Hank Morse

I recently hosted a great event for a wonderful non-profit organization called The Furniture Trust. They take used office furnishings that would most likely end up in landfills and then distribute it to other non-profits and schools that can put it to good use. It's a great economic benefit for the companies getting rid of the stuff, it helps alleviate some financial burdens on the non-profits AND provides an environmental solution, as well.

The Furniture Trust recently held their 6th Annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge, featuring nine area high schools, most of them technical schools. Each schools was given basically the same materials culled from old office furniture: a butcher block table top, a filing cabinet, some plywood, some fiberglass and few other miscellaneous materials. The goal was to enable the students to improve their carpentry skills and also enable them to create something that would be recycled. Awards were given out for the best projects. What the students created was spectacular, in my eyes!

Please check out this great organization!

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