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Whittier Tech Students Compete in Boston Eco-Carpentry Challenge

May 25, 2018, Worcester Public Schools Blog

HAVERHILL — Whittier Tech carpentry students turned trash into treasure for this month’s Boston Eco-Carpentry Challenge, taking a pile of discarded office furniture and creating two carnival games.

The annual contest promotes recycling and gives students the opportunity to showcase their creativity by transforming old pieces into something new.

Over the past three months, 22 sophomores and one senior took apart cabinets, tables and office partitions that were given to Whittier by The Furniture Trust, a nonprofit that puts on the challenge. They used those supplies to build Skeeball and Plinko games.

To create the games, students used lathes to make the 4-inch balls that players roll up the Skeeball table, and they also crafted pucks that get placed at the top wall of the Plinko game then slip down the slotted walls to earn points.

Students had their work judged against eight other participating schools during the challenge event on May 10 at District Hall in Boston. A team of judges awarded the Whittier team with the Best Craftsmanship award. This is the fourth year Whittier has entered the competition.

“The students had a great time and our entry was swarmed with people all night playing our games and admiring the other items they had made,” said Carpentry Teacher Mark Whittier, who worked with students during the project. “The Eco-Carpentry Challenge illustrates the value of recycling and allows students to hone the skills they’ve learned in the classroom to create fun projects that can be used long after the furniture’s original lifespan.”

Participating carpentry students include: sophomores Ethan Burridge, of Groveland, Dylan Fraize, of Amesbury, Jyrell Ruiz, of Lawrence, Aristotle Campbell, of Merrimac, Max Ouellette, of Newbury, Cody Hadley, Brendan Gallagher, Angelica Cintron, Ricky Flores, Nathan Charoux, Siarra Cronin, Jared Recillas, Angel Alvarado, Alanna Stafford, Tyler Wetherbee, Emily Wilson, Nicholas Glynn, Cody Littlefield, Adam Taschereau, Brian Skaff, Killian Barry and senior Desiree Michaud, all of Haverhill.

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