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The Furniture Trust program EcoCapentry Challenge

The 10th Annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge

The annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge promotes resourcefulness and recycling, provides an opportunity for students to develop their creative carpentry skills while demonstrating their commitment to recycling by creating new products from used office furniture. 


The Eco-Carpentry Challenge 

If you accept the challenge:


The Eco-Carpentry Challenge showcases AMAZING projects designed and built by local high school students using recycled furniture provided by Boston’s generous corporate donors. The goal of our annual Challenge is to educate students and teachers about the value of recycling, while providing a creative opportunity for students to demonstrate their carpentry skills transforming old furniture into new products.





  • We deliver gently used furniture to your school

  • Students (along with the help of their shop teacher/designated supervisor) will transform these materials into new and innovative products

  • Students can use woodworking and metal tools, biscuits, glue, screws, hardware, stain, sandpaper and paint, as needed

  • Furniture may be cut, planed and drilled to your project specifications

  • There are no project requirements or theme the projects must follow, we encourage each team and individual to be unrestrictedly creative!

  • All projects will be picked up and brought to our event location for a night of presentations and  awards

The Event.

To showcase each school’s new creations, The Trust hosts an evening in Boston where students, teachers and industry leaders gather to celebrate and network. The evening provides a forum for the students to present their work, mingle with industry professionals, and gives The Trust an opportunity to recognize these remarkably creative students.

The Awards.

A panel of judges comprised of industry professionals will review the projects, choose the winners in predetermined categories, and present monetary awards. Every team wins!

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