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Furniture: it makes a difference.

RALPH CARRERO  |  Superintendent  |  Lawrence Family Development Charter School

+ The Trust Team Members: Christine, Dana and Jill

LOCATION:  Lawrence, Massachusetts


DONATED FROM THE TRUST:  $50,000 in furniture

PARTNERS:  Boston-based Insurance Company, Vertex, Neighborworks


Devoted to building a community of learners through service and educational development, LFDCS offers programs that encourage higher education and career development, as well as programs focusing on citizenship education, English as a Second Language (ESL), and minority leadership. LFDCS believes by strengthening individuals, we strengthen families; and by strengthening families, we strengthen the community as a whole. With the help of our partners Vertex, Oechsle, and a Boston based insurance company, The Trust has donated over $50,000 worth of product to LFDCS since January 1, 2013.

"When we bring in the donations from
The Furniture Trust, it gives the staff a sense of importance, a sense of professionalism
and when people come in from the outside,
a nice office really indicates the importance
of their position and how seriously
we take our work with them."

Lawrence Family Development Charter School

+ The Trust Team Members: Dana and Tyler

LOCATION:  Boston, Massachusetts



PARTNERS:  Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Oechsle


BUILD’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to excite and drive disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success. Since 2013, The Trust has donated over $21,000 worth of furniture to BUILD with the support of our partners Vertex, Oechsle, and a  Boston based insurance company.


The Furniture Trust donates to Build, donate Furniture, local furniture removal, boston furniture removal, The Furniture Trust donates locally

+ The Trust Team Members: Jill 

LOCATION:  Merrimack, New Hampshire



PARTNERS:  Vertex, Stantac


Gate City Charter School for the Arts is a tuition-free public school that uses an arts-integrated curriculum to educate students in grades K-8. Students are taught how  to excel in academics, exercise their creative potential, and express ideas through language arts, music, movement, visual arts, and drama.

Gate City Charter School for the Arts

TheFurniture Trust donates to Gate City Charter, donate furniture, furniture removal boston,

+ The Trust Team Members: Dana and Tyler

LOCATION:  Brockton, Massachusetts



PARTNERS:  Vertex, Demandware


Father Bill’s & Mainspring is a  leading provider of emergency shelter, housing and advocacy services in the South Shore area. Determined to end, not just manage homelessness, FBMS provides adult education, employment training, healthcare, and homelessness prevention  programs to teach homeless individuals and individuals at risk of becoming homeless how to be self-sufficient and successful. Since 2013, The Trust has donated over $67,000 worth of furniture, artwork, kitchen equipment and supplies.


Father Bill's + Mainspring

The Furniture Trust Donates to Father Bills, donate furniture, furniture removal boston

+ The Trust Team Members: Dana and Jill

LOCATION:  Roxbury, Massachusetts



PARTNERS:  The Massachusetts Medical Society, Boston-based Insurance Company


Roca is dedicated to disrupting the cycle of incarceration and poverty by helping disadvantaged youth in the Greater Boston area transform their lives. Through relentless outreach, positive relationships, and  transformative training, Roca helps individuals that have dropped out of school, engaged in dangerous or criminal activity, or ejected from other programs gain competencies that propel them toward economic independence  and away from  peril, poverty and prison. Since 2013, The Trust has donated over $8,000 in furniture to Roca, an effort supported by our partners Mass Medical and a Boston-based Insurance Company.


ROCA, Inc.

The Furniture Trust donates to Roca

We connect nonprofit organizations with excess office furnishings and much needed financial support from local businesses every day; thanks to our sustainable network!  Nonprofits and schools receive essential office furnishings that make their staff and services more efficient, while investing more of their resources on their mission and improving the lives of others.

Since our founding in 2008, our generous corporate contributors have donated more than $8,000,000 worth of office furniture to The Trust, benefitting over 600 local nonprofits and schools.

The Sustainable Network

It takes a village! We at The Furniture Trust partner with all sorts of organizations to get the right goods in the right hands at the right time. The Sustainable Network contains over 1,000 local non-profits, volunteers, corporations, movers, drivers, and other vendors, all of which are critical to making as big an impact as possible on our community. The impact our Sustainable Network has can be seen from the following stories.

WILLIAM BROWN  Cristo Rey High School

"The donation of furniture from The Furniture Trust

has allowed us to totally remodel our library.

We have been working on this project literally

for years, but were stalled because of lack of funds.

In short, it has been phenomenal.


The new furniture has completely changed the mood of the library: students are taking

the space seriously and using it more for reading and studying and teachers have been very appreciative. Because the tables are so easy to move, there is almost no transition time between individual work and group work, allowing us to be more student centered. The library is now professional and looks the part, making everyone proud of the space. We can’t say enough about how appreciative we are for the donations from the Furniture Trust."

The Furniture Trust donates to Cristo Rey

+ The Trust Team Members: Christine, Dana and Jill

The Furniture Trust EcoCarpentry Challenge, Medford Voc Tech

+ The Trust Team Members:  Dana, Jill and Maribeth

LOCATION:  Boston, Massachusetts



PARTNERS:  Wellesley College, Trinity College and Neighborworks


Cristo Rey High School is a Catholic high school that exclusively serves families of limited economic means. With a commitment to helping students discover their unique gifts and talents, Cristo Rey High School aims to educate young people on how to become men and women of faith, purpose and service. Our partnership with Cristo Rey High School in Dorchester began in 2013, and with the help of Trinity, Neighborworks, a Boston based insurance company, and Wellesley College, we have been able to donate over $12,000 worth of furniture and supplies.


Cristo Rey High School

LOCATION:  Medford, Massachusetts


AMOUNT DONATED:  $190,000+ in furniture

PARTNERS:  Vertex, Choate, Sophos and Boston Architectural College


At Medford Vocational-Technical High School, caring educators serve as role models and encourage and assist all students to reach their potential as learners.  Their goal is to develop responsible citizens who positively impact their community.  To support this mission, The Trust has saved Medford Voc Tech over $190,000 in their annual budget by providing lab casework and equipment to furnish their new biotechnology department, carpentry materials to participate in our Eco-Carpentry Challenge for the past five years and cash awards the years they’ve won the competition.  In 2014, they won the People’s Choice award at the Eco-Carpentry Challenge!


Medford Vocational Technical High School

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