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Christine Mosholder

WHAT SHADE OF GREEN BEST DESCRIBES YOU?  "Lime because it's full of energy and feels like summer year round!"

Managing commercial renovation projects for 15 years, Christine recognized that excess office furniture abandoned during projects was being thrown into landfills and she sought a sustainable, community-centric solution. In 2008, she founded The Furniture Trust, nonprofit with a mission to convert excess office furnishings and supplies into direct furniture and cash donations for local schools and nonprofits. Now with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Christine appreciates expedited schedules and tight budgets in the final phases of a project, while balancing the environmental impact of unwanted assets from a vacated site.  It is this combination of intellect and geniality that has made her an esteemed industry expert, an accomplished entrepreneur, and the founder we’re so fond of.



Founder of the The Furniture Trust Christine Mosholder

 WHAT'S THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? "I came here looking for something to be a part of that made a difference and helped others, and The Furniture Trust has been an amazing opportunity to combine my furniture expertise and experience to pay it forward. The connection that The Trust creates between businesses, nonprofits and schools is by far the most rewarding part of my job."


RECENT PROJECTS: Red Thread, Momenta, and Sanofi 


Equipped with an extensive furniture background, project management knowledge, and problem-solving skills, Dana joined The Trust inspired by the opportunity to collaboratively enrich the lives of others. As the Executive Director, Dana creates and enforces policies, oversees implementations of new programs, and manages the day to day operations of The Trust. With 15 years of experience working as a Project Manager for Office Environments of New England, Dana is able to provide a level of expertise and professionalism that facilitates seamless project execution, making the decision to dispose responsibly even easier.

Executive Director

Dana DeVeau

The Furniture Trust Executive Director Dana DeVeau

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WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? "Paying it’s the best feeling ever! We once brought 12 boxes of unwanted office supplies donated by a downtown law firm to a school that had no budget for school supplies. I overheard someone say: “Wow, this is like Christmas in July!” I smile every time I think of that."


RECENT PROJECTS:  Salesforce + Margulies Perruzzi Architects


Jill is a project management expert with an ability to seamlessly manage projects with devotion and dexterity from start to finish. As the Director of Strategic Alliances, Jill is responsible for developing and maintaining business relations, cultivating our sustainable network, and managing deliveries to nonprofits. Her generosity and lively persona are proven assets to The Furniture Trust, as well as the myriad of skills she has mastered throughout her career. Jill and Christine worked together at the Bank of Boston and Fort Point Project Management, and when Christine started The Trust, Jill saw a great opportunity to work with her again. She fell in love with the mission, and being a part of a start-up that had the potential to help so many lives.

Director of Strategic Alliances

Jill Durant

Director of Strategic Alliance of The Furniture Trust Jill Durant

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Project Manager

Katie Lawrence

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT AT THE TRUST? "When I first came to The Trust, I was helping plan for the annual TFT Eco-Carpentry Challenge.  This was such a special night.  It was such a wonderful experience working with the schools and organizations involved and seeing the creativity and talent in these individuals.  I was hooked on The Trust and their cause!"


RECENT PROJECTS:  Red Thread, Ocean Spray, Advantage Resourcing, Akamai, MIT, and local community banks

With a penchant for project management and the drive to provide sustainable solutions, Katie manages our disposition projects focused on the triple bottom line.  Her fifteen years of experience in the furniture industry benefit our clients, vendors and the nonprofits and schools who receive furniture; all of whom guarantee the success of our sustainable network.  Further leveraging her project management skills, Katie coordinates the high schools across Massachusetts who participate in the Trust’s annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge that not only develops students’ carpentry skills, but educates them about the value of upcycling and how it supports a circular economy.


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Brit Reese

Project Manager

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Tyler Seifert

Project Manager