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IFMA Boston Members Volunteer at The Furniture Trust’s Annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge

August 16, 2016 by Chris Pestana

Congratulations to all who took part in and volunteered at The Furniture Trust’s annual signature event, the 2016 Eco-Carpentry Challenge Showcase on April 28, 2016 in Boston, MA.

The Eco-Carpentry Challenge is a team competition between schools in which industry mentors support their group in re-purposing used office furniture. This event promotes resourcefulness and recycling and provides an opportunity for students to develop their creative carpentry skills while demonstrating their commitment to recycling by creating new products from used office furniture.

We’re proud to have members of our Boston chapter actively involved as mentors and coaches to the Furniture Trust program, including Mike Clancy and John Lorusso, and 2016 contest judge Francine Buck.

This year’s winners:

BEST IN CLASS, winning $2,000 in the Large Shop category: Hopedale High School

BEST IN CLASS, winning $2,000 in the Small Shop category: Worcester Alternative High School

OVERALL RUNNER-UP winning $1,000: Whittier Regional High School

PEOPLE’S CHOICE, winning lunch of their choosing: Just A Start Youth Build Cambridge.

All schools rose to the challenge this year with the amazing creativity and craftsmanship!

A special note of thanks to our IFMA member Mentors, Judges and Volunteers. IFMA Community Project’s committee members in attendance included Andrew Verderame, Diana Firestone, Annie McEvoy, Georgiana Olwell and Jack Davis.

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